A Few Reasons to Remain Sharp This Season

When cutting your grass, a sharp blade makes a big difference in the health and look of your lawn. Dull blades tend to "shred" the blades of grass causing moisture loss, damage and brown tips. A sharp blade gives a clean cut, helping the grass retain moisture, keeping greener on the tips.

When hot and sunny outside, your lawn may benefit from mowing later in the day or evening to reduce
drying at the tips as well.

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There’s only a few days left till spring!

Now is the time to get the soil prepped for your gardens and having the right tools for the job can save you a lot of time and money. Adding organic matter and building the soil pays off with a bountiful, healthy garden and that's when having the right tiller for your job really
makes a difference.  Bring your tiller in and have our mechanics get it ready for the season or come and see our new powerful Husqvarna tillers. We're here to help you with all your power tool needs.
Happy gardening!



Spring is Coming!

Now is the time to get ahead of the game and get your turf equipment serviced and ready for the upcoming season.  If you have old fuel in your machine from last year you may potentially end up with carburetor issues.  With a tune up at Bath, we drain the old fuel, add Tru-Fuel, sharpen blades, change fluids, and make sure your machine is in tip-top shape and ready for the season ahead.  A properly running machine reduces fatigue on YOU.

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Chainsaws: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered by STIHL


My chainsaw will start and idle but won’t run or stalls when I go to full throttle. What’s wrong?

There are several things you can check:

Make sure that you are using fresh fuel mix (never use fuel mix older than 60 days)
Clean the spark arrester screen in the muffler
Replace fuel filler in fuel tank
Clean or replace air filter

If none of these work or you do not feel comfortable working on your machine, the service team at Bath Power is happy to help.

Why does...


Snowblowing Tips & Tricks

Winter is officially upon us in Fort Collins! We've had some pretty substantial snow that required us to dig out our snowblowers from the back of the garage. Though some of us hate to admit it, using a snowblower isn't actually as straight forward as it might seem. To help you get through this winter safely and efficiently, we've put together some tips & tricks for using your snowblower.

Don't Fight The Wind

The most important thing to know about snow blowing is that you should...