How to Start Husqvarna Chainsaw

Check out our helpful link and make sure you know the proper procedure for starting a chainsaw:

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Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate

The City of Fort Collins offers a Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate for up to $50. This rebate lasts through July 31st. You can qualify by upgrading your equipment and by using more clean and sustainable practices.

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Interested? Come to the store to fill out the form or click here so you can print it and start filling it out before you even get to us!


A Few Reasons to Remain Sharp This Season

When cutting your grass, a sharp blade makes a big difference in the health and look of your lawn. Dull blades tend to "shred" the blades of grass causing moisture loss, damage and brown tips. A sharp blade gives a clean cut, helping the grass retain moisture, keeping greener on the tips.

When hot and sunny outside, your lawn may benefit from mowing later in the day or evening to reduce
drying at the tips as well.

Come see us for a mower tune-up and blade sharpening and get started on the...


There’s only a few days left till spring!

Now is the time to get the soil prepped for your gardens and having the right tools for the job can save you a lot of time and money. Adding organic matter and building the soil pays off with a bountiful, healthy garden and that's when having the right tiller for your job really
makes a difference.  Bring your tiller in and have our mechanics get it ready for the season or come and see our new powerful Husqvarna tillers. We're here to help you with all your power tool needs.
Happy gardening!