Lawn Mowers

A Few Reasons to Remain Sharp This Season

When cutting your grass, a sharp blade makes a big difference in the health and look of your lawn. Dull blades tend to "shred" the blades of grass causing moisture loss, damage and brown tips. A sharp blade gives a clean cut, helping the grass retain moisture, keeping greener on the tips.

When hot and sunny outside, your lawn may benefit from mowing later in the day or evening to reduce
drying at the tips as well.

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Spring is Coming!

Now is the time to get ahead of the game and get your turf equipment serviced and ready for the upcoming season.  If you have old fuel in your machine from last year you may potentially end up with carburetor issues.  With a tune up at Bath, we drain the old fuel, add Tru-Fuel, sharpen blades, change fluids, and make sure your machine is in tip-top shape and ready for the season ahead.  A properly running machine reduces fatigue on YOU.

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EXMARK Lawn Mower and Turf Equipment Features

Bath Power Equipment is proud to carry Exmark Professional Grade Zero-Turn Mowers. If you are looking for a commercial-grade zero-turn mower, now is the time to purchase an Exmark mower.

Why choose Exmark?


No one has worked harder to become experts in the science of operator comfort than Exmark. One of the first things Exmark learned is that improved ergonomics means improved economics. Today,Exmark's experts are designing mowers...