Chainsaws: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered by STIHL


My chainsaw will start and idle but won’t run or stalls when I go to full throttle. What’s wrong?

There are several things you can check:

  • Make sure that you are using fresh fuel mix (never use fuel mix older than 60 days)
  • Clean the spark arrester screen in the muffler
  • Replace fuel filler in fuel tank
  • Clean or replace air filter

If none of these work or you do not feel comfortable working on your machine, the service team at Bath Power is happy to help.

Why does my chainsaw flood?

The most common reason is due to too many attempts trying to start the machine in the choke position. A good rule of thumb to follow is to remember that when placing the switch control to the full choke setting, more liquid fuel and less air flow into the combustion chamber in order to create a high chance for ignition.

What is kickback?

Kickback occurs when the moving saw chain near the upper quadrant of the bar nose contacts a solid object or is pinched. The reaction of the cutting force of the chain causes a rotational force on the chainsaw in the opposite direction to the chain movement. Many factors influence the occurrence and force of the kickback reaction including:

  • Chain speed
  • Speed at which the bar and chain contact the object
  • Angle of contact
  • Condition of the chain & other factors

Can I adjust my own carburetor?

The carburetor comes from the factory with a standard setting, providing optimum fuel-air mixture under most operating conditions. Usually, it is only possible to adjust the engine idle speed within fine limits. If you’re looking to find the correct setting for your machine, stop by Bath Power to speak with one of our STIHL chainsaw experts.

What is the recommended procedure for preparing my STIHL chainsaw for long-term storage (over 30 days)?

The get your equipment ready, follow these steps:

  • Clean it first
  • The air filter, cylinder fins, spark plug and dismantled cutting tool should be checked and cleaned
  • Coat metal parts with oil to protect from rust and corrosion
  • Empty the fuel tank
  • Run the engine until the fuel system is dry

Following these steps should help ensure your chainsaw will be ready for action whenever you’re ready. If you’re having issues, stop by Bath Power and we’d be happy to take a look!

Spring will be here before you know it. To make sure you’re ready, bring your chainsaw in to Bath Power sooner rather than later. We’ll work with you to ensure things are running smoothly and are ready for you to use effectively, efficiently and safely.